Our Clinic

Barrington Osteopathic Clinic is a practice of New Zealand trained osteopaths who can help you achieve better health. Amanda has been running the Osteopathic Clinic for the past eight years alongside the midwifery group Pregnancy Matters.

Amanda Viedma-Dodd

Amanda Viedma-Dodd is the principal osteopath. Amanda joined the practice after graduating from Unitec, NZ in 2006 with a Master of Osteopathy. She worked and learned alongside Cyrille Touffet until his return to France in April 2007.

Amanda enjoys treating a wide variety of patients especially those for whom conventional treatment is limited. For example during pregnancy, when much of the pharmaceutical management of pain is unavailable, Osteopathy is ideal and extremely effective.

Amanda’s clinic hours are: Monday & Tuesday 8:15am – 6:30pm, Wednesday 9:00am – 2:00pm, Friday: 8:15am – 2:00pm.

Nick Taylor

Nick began studying Anatomy and Neuroscience at Otago University after finishing school in 1993 but only  put it into use when he started his exploration into Osteopathy in 2003. He graduated in 2009 with a Master in Osteopathy from UNITEC in Auckland and he moved to Christchurch and started work at Barrington Osteopathic Clinic. Taking a break from Christchurch he spent time also working in Dunedin and Balclutha in 2011 before returning to work in Christchurch again.Just recently Nick has returned from a year long sabbatical where he has traveled around Europe and Turkey.

Nick likes working with all patients young and old, individually tailoring treatment approaches to their specific needs. Outside of work nick enjoys  activities including rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, running, yoga and eating good food.

Nick’s clinic hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00am – 5:30pm Thursday 2:15pm – 6:15pm

George McKenzie

George_webPeople of all ages can see George for precise, effective treatment. He uses musculo-skeletal, visceral and cranial techniques to address the cause of the problem. These techniques are great for pregnant women, babies, children and elderly patients alike, as well as for everyone in between – for instance, George has great success treating athletes and dancers. Osteopathic treatment is really good for a wide array of issues that would benefit from hands-on structural work.

George enjoys communicating and working with patients to resolve any pain or discomfort in their bodies including conditions that may be difficult to discuss, for example, pelvic pain, digestive problems, etc. He also refers and works with other health professionals as needed.

George trained in Auckland, completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and Master of Osteopathy. He has a strong learning focus, undertaking postgraduate courses in visceral osteopathy including courses covering pelvic pain, post-surgical adhesion and scarring, and obstetrics amongst others.

George’s clinic hours are: Mondays 8:30am-4:30pm and Thursdays 8:30am-1:30pm