Osteopathy, Pregnancy & Birth

Throughout your pregnancy, osteopathy can prepare you for labour and help with

back pain
breathing difficulties
groin pain
pelvic pain
pubic pain
rib pain
swollen legs

Osteopathic care during your pregnancy

Osteopathy works gently within your body’s range of movement and can be safely used throughout your pregnancy. Minor aches and pains are common in pregnancy but pain does not have to be something you just “put up with”.

Throughout your pregnancy your body adapts and stretches to accommodate your growing baby. Previous injuries or poor posture can impact on this process and may lead to pain. Osteopaths can treat you prior to conceiving and during pregnancy to improve your body’s natural mobility. This will allow your body to adapt easier and promote a pain free pregnancy.

An osteopath may also give you advice on posture and exercises to help you in your pregnancy.

Preparation for labour

Another reason to visit an osteopath during your pregnancy is to help prepare for labour. Good structural balance for the mother can improve the baby’s chances of engaging in an optimum position to find the easiest way through the birth canal. For more information see The Spinning Babies Website under Featured Links.